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                為了拓展新的々市場,公司不斷改☉善產品質量和售前、中、後的服務,始終不渝堅持"質量決定出路≡,出路決定市∩場"的理念,強化產品質量管理體系,取得ζ一系列產品CCC認證,快三平台通過ISO9001-2008質量管ζ 理體系認證,ISO14001-2004環境管理體系認』證,實行降耗減排低碳控制;建立健全的"產品㊣ 質量保證售後服務承諾"和"消費者信息反饋"制度,保證產品質量零∞缺陷,制造高性價比產品,讓消費者使用滿意,保持公司長遠發展的根基。



                SOWEI Technology (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. is a modern and hi-tech joint venture, and is located in National Economic and Technological Development Zone in Xiasha, Hangzhou. The company was established in August 2006, with registered capital of 26 million dollars, total investment of 38.48 million dollars, land area of 102 acres and floor space of 80,000 square meters.

                The company committed to R&D, production, sales and service of communication equipment, electrical equipment, rail transportation equipment, and renewable energy, has an independent intellectual property rights and R&D capability. In recent years, according to the national industrial restricting and market demand, the company continues to introduce advanced equipment from Germany, Japan, USA, Switzerland and so on, and digest domestic technology. It’s productions include communication electronic, low voltage switch cabinet, control cabinet, renewable energy charging station, charging pile, and batteries especially for EV, rail transportation check in equipment, etc.. 

                To expand new markets, the company insists in improving product quality and service quality of pre-sale, sale and post-sale, always adhering to the concept of “Quality determines the way out, way out decides the market”, strengthening product quality management system, and achieving a range of CCC certification. It has achieved ISO9001-2008 quality management system certification, ISO14001-2004 environment management system certification, and implemented low carbon control. In addition, the company also established a completed “quality assurance” and “consumer feedback” system to ensure product quality zero defect and cost-effective, and earn high consumer satisfaction for company’s long-term development.

                Culture creates value, quality develop future. SOWEI Co. is people-oriented and positive aggressive, and constantly explores, innovates and develops. By cooperating with Fortune 500 companies and large state enterprises, SOWEI keeps working toward a better future.


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